Overwintering White-throated Dippers in Northern Germany

Indicators for water quality and climate change !?

Wasseramsel in Schleswig-Holstein


Core elements of our work:


Observation, Monitoring and Ringing


Infopaper 2006/2007 as pdf (only in german)

Infopaper 2007/2008 as pdf (only in german)

Infopaper 2008/2009 as pdf (only in german)
Infopaper 2009/2010 as pdf (only in german)


Something about the legacy of the white-throated Dipper (from E.-A. Schr÷der, only in german)


der Mitarbeiterstamm

Envolved honorary ornithologic work with focus to the nordic subspecies of the Dipper Cinclus cinclus cinclus can deliver data basics for different questions of various scientific and socially relevant standards.


as scientific basis


Water quality

landscape ecological integration


EU - Framework Directive in the field of water policy

political implementation


Climate Change and migrating birds

indication for a large scale issue

For an individually markening we used colored Rings 

Ringing scheme

-  not exceeding two rings per leg

-  Colorrings: red, blue, green, yellow, white

-  Programring: red-yellow striped

-  Ring of Birdringing Centre


Report your colour ringed Dipper to:






Other ringing programmes: